Ashlie Gets ’em with the Change Up!

A few weeks ago, Ashlie and I started playing with a new pitch, the change up. For my younger students, this is always the first pitch I introduce them to once fastball mechanics look solid.

Let me first start by saying that there are LOTS of different ways to throw a change up, but ultimately the goal is the same: keep the batter off balance by changing speeds. Regardless of how you throw a change up, the most important thing is for the pitcher to drive off the mound as hard as she would when she throws a fastball. This messes with the batter’s timing and makes it difficult for them to make good contact.

Ashlie has been practicing on her own, and this weekend proved her change up skills after a batter foul tipped her fastball. This is a great time to throw the change up. Way to go Ashlie! Keep up the hard work!


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