Coach Shelly Bollin


Shelly Bollin, University of Oklahoma Softball c. 1987

Today many gathered in my hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas to celebrate the life of a wonderful coach, mentor, and friend, Shelly Bollin.

“Shelly touched the lives of thousands of children through her teaching and coaching. She led her teams to great success over the years, including her state championship team from Brazoswood High School and her National Softball Coach of the Year accolades in 2000.”See more

I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands of children she touched. She was my head coach all four years of high school, and in 2000 we took a magical ride to the State Championship in an undefeated season.

She was our leader.

She was our rock.

She kept us in check.

And she did that by giving us “the look.”

"The Look" Shelly on right; Morgan Anderson on left

“The Look” Shelly on right; Morgan Anderson on left

We got “the look” a lot. The look meant, “Stop doing whatever stupid crap you’re doing. Now.”

We were notorious for goofing off: acting out our favorite movies, dancing, and doing cheer leading stunts. (Yes, cheer leading stunts.)

The look almost always and immediately put our giggles to a halt.

It was time for business.

Coach Bollin knew when to let us have our shenanigans, and when to whip us into gear. And perhaps that was her secret to success.

Coach Bollin, thank you for the memories, the laughs, and the lessons. Rest in peace.

Posing with Coach Bollin at the All-Star Game

Posing with Coach Bollin at the Texas All-Star Game in 2000

One thought on “Coach Shelly Bollin

  1. Stacey Fleming says:

    Well said nicole….we missed you today.

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