Look at what I got in the mail yesterday!

Bobcat Softball - One Pitch @ a Time!

Bobcat Softball – One Pitch @ a Time!

A fellow Bobcat alum sent these AWESOME bracelets to the current squad and lucky me snagged one too.

Back in October, the Bobcats hosted their annual alumni game. I hadn’t made it in years, so I was stoked to finally be there! It was so awesome to see my old teammates and meet some of the other Bobcats from years before and ahead of me.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I wore that jersey.

10. Years.

Yeesh, I’m getting old. But the pride of being a Bobcat will never fade. There is just something about wearing that uniform. You have to earn it.

You have to work for it.

It costs blood, sweat, and tears, and most will never dig deep enough to understand that feeling.

After the alumni game, we headed to the outfield for a barbeque. Head Coach Ricci Woodard (who started her tenure at Texas State my freshman year and is STILL the coach) asked a few alumni to share some words of encouragement to the current team.

Bobcat Softball Alumni Game 2013

Bobcat Softball Alumni Game 2013

One alumni teammate shared with us that she had worn her Bobcat Softball tshirt with pride under her police uniform every single day. Until one day while on duty, a guy she was trying to catch ripped her shirt.

Uh oh.

I actually feel a little sorry for that guy, because you don’t mess with a Bobcat. But that didn’t stop her from wearing it. She took the tattered shirt and wrapped it around the armor plate along with a picture of her family in her bullet proof vest.

Talk about BOBCAT PRIDE!

Another alum shared with the team her role as a Bobcat. She didn’t get a ton of playing time, but she was an integral player on our team. She was the spark plug; the cheer leader; the one that would make you laugh when you were being too hard on yourself. She was the glue that bound us together as one unit. Her senior year, there was an article written about her. The title: “The Spry One.” I’ll never forget it, because it was about time she got some credit! The message she shared with all of us was, “Know your role.”

When it was my time to share, all I could think of was the simple message written on athletic tape and stuck to my glove. I often stepped back from the pitching rubber, pulled the velcro fastener on my glove up and read that message:

“One pitch at a time.”

It was something I did during games to slow myself down when I felt a little out of control or unfocused. Coach Woodard shared this message with all of us often, and said, “It’s the only way to play this game.”

And guess what? She’s right!

The wild pitch you flung to the back stop two pitches ago DOESN’T MATTER. The big huge clean up hitter (that hit a bomb off you last at bat) that’s on deck now DOESN’T MATTER. The error you made last inning DOESN’T MATTER. And whatever you are planning on doing after the game whether it’s dinner with your family, calling your boyfriend, or studying for your chemistry mid term DOESN’T MATTER. The ONLY way to play this game is

one pitch at a time.

2014 Bobcats, play this game with pride and class. Know your role. Play in the moment, and leave it all on the field this year. If you do, I’ll meet you in Oklahoma on May 29th.



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