WCWS-SoftballIt’s my faaaaaaaavorite time of year: the end of the season when you look back at all your hard work. And then you look in front of you to see where it’s taken you. Did you end up where you wanted to be? Or did the season get cut short?

For 8 teams out of the 335 Division I softball programs across the nation, their season will continue at the Women’s College World Series (WCWS) in Oklahoma City, OK.

Jealous. 🙂

Jealous, because while playing at Texas State University, it was all about WCWS. That was the focus. That was the goal. Unfortunately, we never made it.

But it didn’t stop us from trying. At the beginning of our off-season, I cut out a bunch of little pieces of paper with the letters “WCWS” on them. I gave them to my teammates and said, “Put these up where you can see them all the time – on the bathroom sink mirror, on the fridge, in your car, on your notebooks, in the dugout, EVERYWHERE!”

(I wasn’t kidding in my previous blog post about making goals, writing them down, and putting them EVERYWHERE.)

In two of my four years playing for Texas State, the Bobcats made it to the Regional Final Championship – ONE GAME away from going to the World Series.


But in looking back at it, I’m far from being disappointed since the winning pitchers for the opposing teams (Texas and Arizona) were Olympic starters Cat Osterman and Jennie Finch. When you get an opportunity to play against the very best, you chalk it up to an incredible experience and swallow your pride.

But still… just a little jealous.

Mostly, I’m super excited to watch some damn good softball on tv – starting Thursday! Here’s the schedule.

The 8 lucky teams competing this weekend are: (I added links to all of them so you can scope out the team roster, coaches, standings, etc.)

Guess who I’m rooting for???? TEXAS of course! Hook ’em! Texas fight!

One thought on “WCWS

  1. My girls can’t wait.

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