Elbow to Hip Arm Whip

The arm whip is one of the most important parts of the pitch. If you’re not whipping, you’re pushing. And if you’re pushing, the ball is more than likely slow. This means your mechanics and timing are off.

In order to whip the ball properly, you MUST get your elbow behind your hip. I see too many pitchers with their elbow locked out and/or with their weight out in front. What does this make the pitcher do? Lean over and push the ball. Pushing the ball is slow. Whipping the ball is fast!

Below are a few examples of some of the very best pitchers in the world. The videos are in slow motion. Pay attention to the release. Where is the elbow? BEHIND THE HIP! Beautiful!

Cat Osterman
(Olympic Gold & Silver medalist. Cat was recently inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. WOW! Cat and I went to the same pitching coach, Tim Timmons, in Houston, Texas.)
Amanda Scarborough
(Amanda pitched for Texas A&M University. I pitched for Texas State – yes, there was a bit of a rivalry! Amanda is sponsored by Worth. I’m in no way telling you to purchase a power drive. I have one – we will use it eventually. I just love the slow motion in this video. She has GREAT mechanics.)

Sarah Pauly
(Sarah was an All-American during her career at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. She is also a seven-year veteran with the NPF – National Pro Fastpitch. She’s an incredible pitcher.)

2 thoughts on “Elbow to Hip Arm Whip

  1. Fastpitch Fan says:

    I notice both Cat and Sarah have a pad on their elbow to protect it from hitting the hip.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes, they do. It’s critical that the hip makes contact. When I was “rusty” from off season, I would be off on my timing. Often, I would bruise my hip. It always went away once I got my timing back.

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