Put Softball Back into the Olympics

USA SoftballLike most you, I’ve been watching the 2012 Olympics and, it just feels different this year. Of course I’m excited watching the best athletes in world compete in their sports, but I also have mixed emotions: pride, hope, anxiety, nostalgia, sadness, and frustration.

Sadness and frustration because softball is not a part of the Summer Olympics in London. “[It] was dropped from the Olympic program when it failed to garner a majority of the 105 votes cast. The final vote: 52-52 with one abstention was heartbreakingly close. One vote cost softball its spot on the Olympic program. And [to] hear many of those IOC members mistakenly thought of softball as women’s baseball, it’s even sadder.” (ESPNLosAngeles.com)

What’s more surprising, is that the MLB is a huge deciding factor for softball getting back into the Olympics.

“Neither softball nor baseball is getting back onto the Olympic program until major league baseball decides it’s willing to create a 10-day break in its schedule to allow its players to compete in the Olympics — as the NHL does with hockey and the NBA and WNBA with basketball.

Softball’s fate is tied to baseball, so the two sports need to present a united front in their effort to re-enter the Olympic program.”(ESPNLosAngeles.com)

Besides the MLB, more efforts are being made to educate others and get our favorite sport back in 2020, but that is 8 years away! I think about all the young girls that are missing out on such an amazing opportunity to see the finest softball players in our country competing at the highest level possible… in their living room.

16 years ago, as an awkward 8th grader, I was one of those young girls. I learned every player’s name on the roster, and obsessed over each and every pitcher. I dreamt of wearing that jersey one day.

I want my students to dream big and become empowered through softball. I want them to have the opportunity to see the best softball players in the country and in the world compete. I want softball back in the Olympics.

If you want to see softball back in the Olympics, sign this petition!

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