A Softball Poem

I love to throw strikes and get the batter out
Cus’ that’s what softball is all about

I throw my curve ball with all my might
As the batter tries it hit it, it moves to the right

I love to throw my fastball and watch it hit the catcher’s mitt
Cus’ the girl swings WAYYYY too slow and she can’t hit it

When I play shortstop and the ball comes to me,
I get the players out as quickly as can be, 1, 2, and 3

When a girl hits a shot out in center field and she thinks she hit a home run
I love to catch the ball and take away all her fun

I love stealing bases because it’s really fun
The catcher can never throw me out cus’ I’m fast and I love to run

Most people think that softball is really slow
But they don’t play the way I do, so they would never know!!

Written by Lexie Scalzo, age 13

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