Mom, My #1 Fan

My #1 fan, MOM!

Often in sports, dads are the ones that tend to take a role as “coach”. Not always, but in many cases.

In my family, this was definitely true as my mom wasn’t exactly the most athletic. My brother and I would tease her when she’d throw a ball to us. Dad was the athlete, the one that passed along his baseball and pitching knowledge to me. He was also the one that caught me almost every day, cut out articles about baseball pitching, and taught me how to set up a batter.

Mom was the cheerleader, the mediator, and the organizer.

She would sit in the backyard and watch me practice or if it was a really hot day, watch from the kitchen window. On more than one occasion, dad and I would get into an argument. I’d come into the house crying while Dad would be cussing. Enter Mom, the mediator. She calmed down Dad, (and I quote) “Take a chill pill, John.”

It was the 90s.

Then she’s come to my room to console me.

She was my emotional support and my never-ending supply of positive talk and good vibes. I remember pitching not-so-well in a game during college. All the parents and fans would wait for us outside of the dugout after the game. Dad immediately went into the logistics of the game, “Why would you throw their #4 batter a change up after the second pitch? And where was your curve ball all game? Why didn’t you throw that to her?” And on, and on, he went.

The. Last. Thing. I. Wanted. To. Hear.

Enter Mom. “Well ya know what, Nicole? You were the cutest one out there!!” And we’d all laugh. I’d hug her and tell Dad to shut up about the game. We’d talk later.

Mom was the one that booked all the hotel rooms for our tournaments, set up meetings with the other parents to fund raise, organized caravans to the field, painted signs for the games, decorated our bus during play-offs, and oh yeah, as if that wasn’t enough, washed my uniform.

Our household was a well-oiled machine, I couldn’t imagine my jersey not being clean the next morning after a “late-night-triple-header-that-went-into-extra-innings-and-we-lost-so-now-we-have-the-8am-game.” Ugh… You know the game.

So, today, I want to say thank you, Mom. Thank you for organizing, and planning, and painting, and cheering, and cleaning, and consoling, and giving me unconditional love and support. Thank you for all the things you do behind the scenes. You are never thanked enough.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you so much!

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