earth axisOne of the most important fundamental skills of pitching is making the ball spin. The more spin you can generate on the ball, the more movement. But what is most important is that the spin is pure.

Think about the ball spinning similar to the way the earth spins on its axis. When the ball comes out of your hand, the “dot” on the ball is the axis. Pay attention to that. The goal is to not see that dot and just create the pure spin. If you’re throwing a drop or rise, the axis should be on both sides of the ball. If you throwing a curve or screw ball, it should be on the top and bottom.

There are lots of  tools and tricks to help you create more spin on the ball.

14" softball

14", 12", and 11" softball

Here is a 14″ softball which is great to throw during spinning drills. It makes you over exaggerate the movement in your fingers. When you switch to a 12″ or 11″ ball, throwing a curve or rise will feel easy!

Another great tool for pitchers is the Spin Right Spinner. If you see a wobbly spinner, that means your spin isn’t pure. Work on making the spinner flat. Remember, more spin = more movement! Photobucket

You can do these hand dexterity drills with or without a spinner. They’re great!

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