Services & Pricing

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Current Schedule:

Wednesday 6pm – 9pm


Next Level Academy in Alameda.

Individual Lesson Fees:

30 Minute Session – $40
60 Minute Session – $80

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Pitchers Welcome

Lesson plans will depend on the level of student and their understanding of pitching. Some things that may be covered in a lesson are:

  • Fundamentals of the pitching motion
  • Development of various pitches
  • Control & Speed
  • Strategy – setting up batters

Mission & Purpose:

My mission and purpose is to empower young women and girls through sports. Especially when that empowerment comes from the game of softball, which I love so much!

Every individual pitcher is different and will have specific needs. I do not believe in quick fixes, because they DO NOT EXIST. The suite of services listed below is designed to create a curriculum to meet those needs.

Additional Services:

  • Private, Semi-Private, and Group Lessons
  • Mini-Clinics, Coaching Clinics, & League-wide Clinics
  • Workshops (in a classroom setting – not on the field)
  • Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Video Analysis is a great tool to help heighten your pitcher’s understanding of the complex movements involved in throwing a softball very fast. Training and putting in the physical work is one thing, but it’s another to understand these mechanics at the mental level.

Video Analysis is $50 per evaluation. Each evaluation is approximately 2-5 minutes long.

If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area or would like additional video analysis evaluations, please contact me. or 510-852-2414